Production Samples
01.  Searching for Satellites - Fast, melodic, harmonic Guitar and Piano
02.  Radiant - Slow, atmospheric and dramatic
03.  Glorious Twilight - Slow, Orchestral, Dramatic Piano
04.  This Beautiful World - Emotional Piano and strings
05.  Illusion - Mid Tempo, motivational, uplifting electronic
06.  Hideaway - Mid-tempo, Minimal Pads, Thought provoking
07.  Free Spirit - Mid-tempo, uplifting electronic
08.  Where Dreams Come True - Slow, dreamy atmospheric, uplifting
09.  Exodus - Slow atmospheric and emotional piano arrangement
10.  Lunar Cycling - Mid-tempo, Uplifting
11.  Dreams of Eden - Ambient, relaxing and emotional
12.  I Love The Rain - Mid Tempo, emotional, uplifting
13.  Sugarush - Mid Tempo, Electronic, uplifting
14.  Courage - Slow piano, strings emotional
15.  Thunder Flies - Mid tempo, electronic vibraphone, uplifting
16.  Life In A Bubble - Slow to mid tempo, organ, piano, easy listening
17.  Circle of Fire - Slow, uplifting, piano and lead synth


TV Production

Jeff Woodall also composes contemporary music for TV and Production music libraries worldwide.

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